Don’t let the icons on your phone determine your mood

Don't let the icons on your phone determine your mood

We often let our phones and devices control our emotions without even realizing it. The little red notification icons, the thumbs up and likes on social media posts, the replies, and messages we get—they all impact how we feel. Positive responses and messages temporarily boost our dopamine and happiness. On the other hand, negative responses or a lack of response, may make us feel lonely, unimportant, or even depressed.

Don’t let the fickle responses of others online determine your self-worth or emotional state. Consciously find validation and fulfillment offline through real connections, hobbies, skills development, and acts of service. External and online validation is fleeting.

When you catch yourself feeling down because of a lack of online engagement, consciously shift your focus to the present moment. Go for a walk, connect with a friend in-person, invest time in self-care.

Remind yourself of the good in your life right now, and practice gratitude for the things going well for you. Don’t dwell on the number of likes or shares of your social media posts or the messages on chat. Learn to manage your emotions from within, not from the external validation-seeking we all fall prey to in the digital age.

Don’t hand the key to your emotions over to the icons on your screen.


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