“Humans are a part of nature, not apart from nature.”—Marc Bekoff

'Humans are a part of nature, not apart from nature.' —Marc Bekoff

Marc Bekoff wisely observes that humans are a part of nature, not apart from it. Yet modern life increasingly isolates us from the natural world with technology, urbanization, and industrialization. We risk viewing nature as something separate to control or exploit, when in fact we are integral to the living systems of this planet.

In pursuing technological advancement and economic growth at all costs, we have polluted waters, destroyed habitats and accelerated climate change. Our clever gadgets and engineered comforts blind us to how our actions damage the web of life that sustains us. We behave as if Earth’s resources are infinite, instead of precious and limited.

With population expansion and consumption driving more development, we lose connection to the nature we depend upon for clean air, water, and food. Urbanization and indoor lifestyles further separate us from plants, animals, forests and wild lands. We think little of wilderness when purchasing products shipped from faraway places.

To restore balance, we must remember our utter reliance on healthy natural systems. Adopting sustainable practices in energy, agriculture, and waste management is vital. So is conserving green spaces in developed areas for life’s sake rather than just human utility. Beyond physical dependence, nature also nurtures our souls. Time in forests, mountains, and parks restores mental health. Wildlife and plants inspire art, science, and meaning.

Nature is not just our habitat but our larger home. All people must course correct to treat the Earth and diverse ecosystems with respect. One small act at a time, we can reconnect to the natural world within and around us. Our health, happiness and very survival depend on it. While advanced, humans remain biological creatures vitally tied to this living planet. Let us embrace once more our membership in nature’s community.


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